AWS Private 5G launches but still limited to 4G LTE for now

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AWS Private 5G launches but still limited to 4G LTE for now
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AWS Private 5G is now generally available, giving enterprises the ability set up and scale private mobile networks more easily and quickly.

The company has also made available its AWS Management Console, allowing businesses to complete network deployment in days with just a few clicks.

AWS Private 5G makes it possible to deploy a private mobile network quickly, without extensive planning or investment. Enterprise customers can quickly scale the number of connected devices up or down and benefit from a familiar on-demand cloud pricing model.

The solution is ideal for uploading and streaming video content, applications that require ultra-low latency, and connecting thousands of IoT devices at once.

Alongside its private 5G deployment, AWS will maintain its small cell radio unit, its mobile network core and radio access network (RAN) software, and its subscriber identity modules required to set up a private mobile network and connect devices.

There are no per-device costs or upfront fees with AWS’ 5G offering, and users only pay for the network capacity they request.

AWS Private 5G is currently available in Ohio and North Virginia on the East Coast and Oregon on the West Coast.

One big issue however is that, as it stands today, Amazon’s 5G offering only supports 4G LTE and CBRS-band networks.

The company’s website says: “AWS Private 5G is built using a 5G service-based architecture (SBA), where 3GPP decomposed the core into network functions. With the SBA architecture, you can derive the benefits of private mobile networks today and seamlessly shift to 5G in the future.”

So whilst the offering’s name may serve as a nod to what AWS will offer in the future, for now AWS Private 5G’s general availability feels more like a public beta.

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