Iceotope cooling to help Intel and HPE reach sustainability goals


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Iceotope Technologies, an IT cooling solutions firm, is joining forces with Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to try and reduce edge data centres’ energy usage by 30 percent.

By integrating Iceotope’s precision immersion cooling technology into edge data centres, the three companies hope to faster reach their sustainability goals of net zero operations.

The Ku:I data centre, the product of the companies’ collaboration, reduces energy consumption and enhances processing performance when dealing with heavy workloads.

Iceotope director of product strategy, Jason Matteson, said: “The processing requirements for ubiquitous AI and high-performance applications across the board are already creating a sustainability dilemma for operators.

“Accommodating a precipitous increase in chip power at the same time as lowering carbon emissions in distributed edge locations as well as data centres is problematic. Iceotope’s Ku:l Data Centre demonstrates a very practical response to an urgent need for a paradigm shift in data centre design.”

When compared against an air-cooled system, the Ku:I data centre maintained a 4 percent increase in performance whilst consuming 1kW less energy at the rack level.

Overall, the figures show savings of 5 percent for IT workloads and as much as 30 percent savings at scale based on typical cooling power effectiveness of 1.4 in air and 1.04 in liquid cooled data centres.

Iceotope’s Ku:l data centre solution was demonstrated at HPE Discover in a standard Schneider Electric NetShelter rack with heat rejected to a Schneider heat removal unit.

Jen Huffstetler, chief product sustainability officer at Intel, said: “Today, sustainability calls for data centre cooling solutions to increase efficiency, flexibility and scalability, while also delivering the performance levels today’s computing demands.

“The new Ku:l Data Centre precision immersion environment enables predictable IT performance with precise cooling and higher space utilisation in a familiar format for today’s mission critical facilities.”

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