Google Cloud brings private cellular networks into its edge offering

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Google Cloud is bolstering its Google Distributed Cloud Edge portfolio with a host of new private networking solutions.

Through partnerships with independent software vendors, the company hopes to address the issues faced when using cellular networks for scaled edge deployments.

Thanks to these software vendors, Google can test and deploy new edge use cases alongside its Google Cloud components, including AI and machine learning, as well as Google’s global edge network.

These private cellular networks will include an option for virtualised RAN to allow for wireless connectivity too.

According to Google, businesses today face a network coverage and quality of service challenge that strains existing solutions like WiFi.

On the other hand, private networks allow for the complementation of existing WiFi and public connectivity solutions.

For example, manufacturers can deploy a private network across a large factory site bridging operations, automation, and IoT devices, with connectivity and support for functions such as predictive maintenance and quality control through vision analytics.

One software vendor Google is working with is Betacom. It will deploy its private wireless service on Google Distributed Cloud Edge, giving enterprises access to 5G networks designed for intelligent manufacturing applications.

Another is Celona’s 5G LAN solution which automates rollout of private cellular networks that are tightly integrated with existing security and app policies. Its 5G LAN network can be deployed as a resource within Google’s edge portfolio, further accelerating private cellular adoption.

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