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Edge software firm Stratus Technologies is currently showcasing its second-gen ztC Edge platform along with a number of pre-validated control architectures at the 26th annual ARC Industry Forum.

Taking place in Orlando, Florida from June 6-9, the event will also see a number of discussions including Stratus employees and clients on topics such as digital transformation and edge use cases.

On June 8, Jason Andersen, vice president of business line management at Stratus, is participating in a panel on IT/OT convergence as well as joining Stratus customer Mike Higley, a system architect at SDI, to explore the uses of edge computing in automated material handling.

By leveraging Stratus ftServer, SDI develops warehouse distribution solutions that are protected from data loss and enhance unit sortation systems for international consumer brands.

Higley said: “SDI supports some of the largest retailers in the world who turn to us for our expertise in unit sortation and warehouse automation. Stratus ftServer is the heart and brain of our design architectures for running our WMS software and business rules.

“Downtime at a distribution centre can cost a retailer as much as a million dollars a day, and the Stratus platform has not let us down. Therefore, we measure Stratus not just by the value of risk avoidance but by the relationships and credibility that’s enabled our business to grow consistently and achieve new levels.”

At booth 1, Stratus is showcasing its ztC Edge platform, the industry’s first edge platform to combine built-in application virtualisation and fault tolerance for the industrial edge.

Also on show is Stratus ECX, an immersive environment that highlights use cases and applications for Stratus’ autonomous edge platforms.

“Edge computing provides the foundation to accelerate digital transformation by bringing compute power to the shop floor, control room, or stranded asset,” said Stephen Greene, vice president of global business development and marketing at Stratus.

“Our customers are then able to run their critical applications close to equipment and processes without worrying about data loss or platform failure. As a result, they can focus on innovation and new outcomes rather than managing IT infrastructure. SDI is a great example of simple, protected, and autonomous edge computing in action that has resulted in expanded capabilities and new offerings.”

Andersen and Higley’s panel, on best practices in smart manufacturing, will focus on the technologies available to help manufacturers digitally transform and successfully scale a smart manufacturing approach.

Andersen will also join the panel on IT/OT convergence to discuss how companies have effectively integrated IT and OT systems, highlighting the technical and cultural hurdles they overcame.

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