Scale Computing releases fleet manager for edge infrastructure

Scale Computing releases fleet manager for edge infrastructure
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Edge computing and hyperconvergence specialist Scale Computing has released its Fleet Manager for edge and managed service providers.

The Scale Computing Fleet Manager (SC//Fleet Manager) is a cloud-hosted monitoring and management tool for distributed IT infrastructure that can scale from one to 50,000 clusters.

Instead of managing individual deployments, SC//Fleet Manager gives users the ability to see and manage their entire fleet at once from a single console.

The manager provides live data on connectivity and cluster health, automatically highlights issues, and allows for administrators to drill down into specific clusters for further diagnosis.

Scale Computing claims that, for IT managers with multiple clusters, the Fleet Manager will reduce its “industry-leading low maintenance time… by 50% or more”.

Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder of Scale Computing, said: “The emergence of cloud computing significantly accelerated the digitisation of business. It gave us better availability and scalability without the burden of managing infrastructure. However, not all applications can or should run from the cloud. Latency and bandwidth limitations force us to run them where they are physically used for better, more reliable performance.

“These challenges reveal the need for a new class of computing. The promise of edge computing is to bring applications closer to the people and things interacting with them without sacrificing cloud-like ease of use, scalability, and high availability.”

Alongside its Fleet Manager release, Scale Computing has also implemented improvements to its SC//HyperCore software, which combines a selection of open-source and proprietary software to create a simplified OS for the company’s clusters.

Now included in SC//HyperCore are REST-APIs that enhance the speed and ease with which users can deploy virtual machines and containers at scale.

Scaled Computing released a statement on the upgrade: “[Thanks to SC//HyperCore,] IT administrators no longer need to manually create and individually customise virtual machines, but can programmatically provide hundreds or thousands of machines with their own settings via script.

“This combined with SC//Fleet Manager provides organisations with the ability to orchestrate and automate the deployment of applications across their distributed edge computing fleet to ensure consistency in change control and across sites.”

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