Red Hat brings new edge capabilities to hybrid cloud systems

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Open source solutions provider Red Hat has launched new enhancements across its hybrid cloud solutions portfolio to accelerate edge adoption in enterprise.

The set of cross-portfolio capabilities focus on supporting customers migration to edge computing by limiting complexity, enhancing security, and increasing confidence in systems management from the data centre to the edge.

As part of the Red Hat Edge Initiative, these new features represent a collective push to integrate edge computing with open hybrid clouds.

The initiative uses a broad set of technologies, supported by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift as the foundational infrastructure across a variety of deployments.

For example, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform enhances edge deployments with automation capabilities whilst Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes provides cloud-scale manageability alongside edge storage driven by Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation.

Francis Chow, vice president and general manager of in-vehicle operating systems and edge at Red Hat, said: “Edge computing is no longer an emerging concept for the business, as IT and OT teams look to move edge deployments from project to production but, at the same time, must address an entirely new set of challenges.

“The enhancements to the Red Hat Edge Initiative… are designed to help overcome these production roadblocks and drive broader adoption of edge computing across the open hybrid cloud.”

With OpenShift being central to the initiative, Red Hat is keen to drive home the news of its newest version, OpenShift 4.10, which brings with it zero-touch provisioning.

Zero-touch provisioning makes automated deployments easier, and allows Red Hat OEM partners to pre-install OpenShift Container Platform at a worksite and build relocatable OpenShift clusters using their preferred hardware.

According to Red Hat, this will enable customers to deliver radio access networks (RAN) more quickly for next-generation mobile networks and complete tasks like error detection for manufacturing facilities.

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