Blaize partners with Innovatrics on edge AI facial recognition solution

Blaize partners with Innovatrics on edge AI facial recognition solution
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Edge AI computing firm Blaize has partnered with biometric solutions company Innovatrics to develop a low power, edge-optimised facial recognition technology.

Running on Blaize’s edge devices, Innovatrics SmartFace Embedded has been designed for access control and public security applications such as face detection, facial landmarks, and face template extraction.

Users can combine specific processes and deselect others to maintain a small footprint and use minimal computational capacity.

Barrie Mullins, head of marketing at Blaize, said: “Blaize focuses on delivering low power and low latency AI inference solutions at the edge, and Innovatrics with their SmartFace Embedded enables customers to realize the value of AI in smart city, smart retail, safety, and security applications.

“Innovatrics facial recognition technology seamlessly integrates into our cost-effective and flexible edge form factor solutions, making it easy to use.”

By processing video data Innovatrics’ algorithm gleans at the edge, Blaize devices such as the Pathfinder P1600 Embedded System on Module (SoM) save organisations the resources and costs associated with using a distant data centre.

When running on the Pathfinder P1600, SmartFace Embedded can detect facial landmarks within 5 milliseconds, conduct face template extraction within 15 milliseconds, and complete face detection in 20 milliseconds.

Innovatrics added: “The availability of our facial recognition technology on Blaize devices is a boon to the current environment where a global shortage of GPUs exists. With our edge-to-cloud approach, each camera can be made smart in any given surveillance system, and one edge device can process several video streams.

“Since host processors are not needed with the Blaize Pathfinder P1600 SoM, users can simply plug them in and instantly use them for their specific use case.”

Blaize will be showcasing the solution at the Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara, CA from May 17-18 and Innovatrics at the Embedded World event in Nuremberg, Germany from June 21-23.

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