SK Telecom taps Dell servers for 5G MEC solution

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SK Telecom, South Korea’s dominant telecoms operator, has launched an enterprise multi-access edge computing (MEC) solution called Petasus in partnership with US tech specialist Dell Technologies.

Through Petasus, SK Telecom’s MEC solutions, which range from network virtualisation to MEC applications for operation and user experience optimisation, will be mounted on Dell‘s servers.

The move hopes to capitalise on the growing global demand for private 5G network infrastructure, and the two companies will offer consulting, deployment, and maintenance services to its clients as well.

Multi-access edge computing refers to a type of cloud computing architecture designed to reduce communication latency and enhance security for a stable network operation.

MEC is useful for specialised 5G services such as autonomous driving, smart factories, and immersive media.

By setting up 5G MEC within a factory, data that travels to and from the factory can be processed on site instead of having to go through centralised data centres hundreds of miles away.

The reduced latency and enhanced security this offers improves network efficiency and overall productivity.

Headquartered in Texas, Dell is the global market leader in server provision, surpassing companies like Lenovo and IBM substantially in terms of market share.

“Our collaboration with SK Telecom gives enterprises the capability to quickly act on data at where it resides, at the edge, to deliver better business outcomes,” said Dennis Hoffman, senior vice president and general manager of Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business.

“Our 5G MEC technology has a huge potential as it can help boost the adoption of 5G services across the globe,” said Jihn-woo Kim, vice president and head of global business at SKT.

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