Azure Stack Edge Pro 2 sees commercial release

Azure Stack Edge Pro 2

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The Azure Stack Edge Pro 2 server is now commercially available on Microsoft’s Azure Edge Hardware Centre.

Described as an “AI-enabled edge computing device offered as a service”, the Pro 2 brings compute and processing power to edge locations such as retail and remote office branches.

The short depth, 2U server comes in a compact size with flexible mounting options and multiple configurations optimised for edge workloads.

Organisations can use Azure Stack Edge to pre-process and modify data, or analyse Internet of Things events. Machine learning models can also be applied to data prior to connecting with cloud-based services.

The server provides a quick method for transferring data to Azure compute and analytics services, whilst offering greater customisation through the choice of either one or two graphical processing units (GPUs).

At the moment, only the base model is available. Model 64G2T uses Intel Xeon 6920U-based CPUs and comes with 51GB of RAM and 720GB of local storage. Later models will scale up to 204GB of RAM and 2.5TB in storage.

currently can be purchased by customers in “the United States, European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and United Kingdom,” according to Microsoft’s pricing page. Microsoft is planning to expand the product’s availability “over the coming months.”

The Azure Stack Edge Pro 2 Model 64G2T is currently available in the US, EU, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom with more locations planned for the coming months.

Microsoft’s edge hardware products are rented out to its customers, who pay recurring monthly subscription fees. The Model 64G2T product is listed as costing £308 per month, plus a £270 shipping charge for the device.

Microsoft starts its monthly billing 15 days after shipping its Azure Stack Edge devices, “whether the appliance is activated or not”.

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