Lumen supports Solana network on Edge Bare Metal service

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Lumen supports Solana network on Edge Bare Metal service
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Lumen Technologies, a network solutions provider, is supporting node operations on the Solana blockchain with its edge bare metal offering.

Solana, a popular smart contract-enabled cryptocurrency, is currently experiencing increased processing times and failed transactions due to a growth in popularity.

The support will allow blockchain validators and developers on the Solana network to take advantage of Lumen’s edge platform without the need to invest in hardware or networking equipment.

Through Lumen’s server infrastructure, the Solana community will be able to sidestep individual server investment and supply chain shortages to build a better performing network.

However, the key takeaway from the new partnership is the reduced latency and added bandwidth Solana will gain access to thanks to Lumen’s edge architecture and extensive fibre network.

By integrating edge computing and blockchain, developers will be able to meet the demands of high performance applications and deploy applications regardless of locational differences.

Bryn Norton, VP of platform adoption at Lumen, said: “Emerging technologies like blockchain demand what Lumen Edge Computing Solutions deliver – increased network security, performance, and control.

“Edge computing and blockchain are complementary partner technologies. Lumen meets the unique needs of blockchain with the breadth and reach of the Lumen platform providing a secure foundation.”

Most frequently associated with cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Web3, the adoption of blockchain is increasing across multiple industries. As use cases for blockchain technology grow, it creates the need for access to a secure and well distributed network of servers.

Dan Albert, executive director of the Solana Foundation, said: “As more people start to use and build on the Solana network, having edge computing servers in top tier markets encourages the expansion and adoption of blockchain technology by broader, more traditional industries.

“Global supply chain shortages have made it hard for decentralised networks to access the resources they need to grow. By working with Lumen, we can provide node operators on the network easy access to fast, secure edge computing resources around the world.”

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