BrainChip brings neuromorphic edge AI chips to market

BrainChip Akida AKD1000 Processor
BrainChip brings neuromorphic edge AI chips to market
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Edge AI firm BrainChip has brought its Akida AKD1000 processor to commercial markets following its usage in a new Mercedes-Benz concept electric car in January.

The Mercedes Vision EQXX, promoted as “the most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever built”, uses the Akida chip for in-cabin keyword spotting.

BrainChip’s products are specialised to learn like the human brain through neuromorphic AI architecture, a niche that helped the company grow in recognition last year.

“Although neuromorphic computing is still in its infancy, systems like these will be available on the market in just a few years,” Mercedes said. “When applied at scale throughout a vehicle, they have the potential to radically reduce the energy needed to run the latest AI technologies.”

The AKD1000 provides car manufacturers with a cost-efficient solution for real-time preventative care in vehicles. Its edge AI processor is capable of early detection mechanisms through real-time analysis of incoming sensor data.

The mini PCIe boards can also be plugged into existing systems to unlock increased edge AI functionality for use cases ranging from smart city applications to digital health and smart home devices.

With the growth of the customised hardware market, BrainChip has also offered full PCIe design layout files and bill of materials to developers.

The hope is that they will build their own boards and implement AKD1000 chips in volume for stand-alone embedded accelerators or co-processors.

Sean Hehir, BrainChip CEO, said: “I am excited that people will finally be able to enjoy a world where AI meets the Internet of Things. We have been working on developing our Akida technology for more than a decade and with the full commercial availability of our AKD1000, we are ready to fully execute on our vision.

“Other technologies are simply not capable of the autonomous, incremental learning at ultra-low power consumption that BrainChip’s solutions can provide. Getting these chips into as many hands as possible is how the next generation of AI becomes reality.”

The Akida PCIe boards are available to order now on the BrainChip website.

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