Telefónica Tech launches predictive maintenance solution with Grupo Álava

Predictive Maintenance

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Telefónica Tech, Spain’s largest telecoms operator, and Grupo Álava, an industrial equipment supplier, are jointly launching a predictive maintenance solution for heavy industry.

Following a signed strategic agreement, both companies have agreed to build an advanced data platform that will optimise productivity by anticipating potential faults and defects in machinery.

The solution will allow industrial companies to digitise the maintenance processes of all assets in their production chain.

Data will be collected through Telefónica Tech’s LTE and 5G mobile networks, processed at the edge, and made accessible through an intelligent platform. From here, operators will receive indications based on artificial intelligence processing to better manage the health of machinery and optimising maintenance costs.

Yago Sanchez, director of alliances at Grupo Álava, said: “The combination of 5G technologies and predictive technology allows different industries to take a giant step forward in the digitisation of industrial processes. Thanks to this agreement, the market has a unique solution that improves the productivity and profitability of its business.”

The solution is designed with integration in mind, meaning other technologies can be used together through a single interface.

What’s more, machine learning models have been integrated into the predictive maintenance plan to improve efficiency and reduce opportunity costs over time.

Andrés Escribano, director of new business and industry 4.0 at Telefónica Tech, said: “The agreement with Grupo Álava will allow us to… help all companies in the industrial sector to avoid long downtime and reduce costs.”

The two companies are currently hosting a demo of the solution at the Telefónica District Innovation Centre in Madrid.

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