Thundercomm launches three new edge AI products at CES 2022

Thunder and Lightning

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Thundercomm, an IoT product and solution provider, unveiled three new edge computing products at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

The line-up includes two new EBX edge AI boxes, the EB2 and the EB6, as well as an AI training platform called ModelFarm.

Building on the back of Thundercomm’s EB5 launch, which has seen usage in smart city and manufacturing use cases, the EB2 and EB6 are designed to meet demands at different market segments.

The EB2 Edge AI box focuses on cost-effectiveness whilst delivering 1.7 tera operations per second (TOPS) and up to six channels of FHD video processing.

Capable of digital signage, smart access, shortage detection, and people counting, the EB2’s compact design means it can fit into a variety of complex and harsh working environments.

What’s more, its built-in OSware.Edge framework enables it to connect with various devices and achieve remote upgrades of firmware, algorithms, and applications efficiently.

The EB6 maintains all the advantages of the EB2 with dramatically improved AI capability. With a bassline of 15TOPS, the EB6 can achieve up to 70TOPS with an external accelerator card.

Such speeds makes the EB6 well equipped to deal with high-frequency and fast AI analysis scenarios like medical image analysis, radar-vision, and operating process analysis.

The Thundercomm EBX series comes with built-in support for leading cloud platforms, including AWS IoT Greengrass, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud.

ModelFarm is an easy to use AI training platform for industrial customers. With 50 pre-trained models for customers to choose from, ModelFarm provides comprehensive model lifecycle management.

All models have version backtracking and reuse functions on board. In addition, ModelFarm also supports privatised deployment and multiple engine frameworks such as TFLite, SNPE, TensorRT, and OpenVINO.

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