Aiseed joins Japanese accelerator program with edge AI drones

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Aiseed joins Japanese accelerator program with edge AI drones
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Aiseed, a Taiwan-based drone start-up, has joined Japan’s accelerator program with its edge AI-powered drone to bring innovation to Japanese government and enterprise.

The company’s cutting-edge drones use both multi-rotor and fixed-wing modes depending on circumstance to fly between 50-60mph for up to half an hour.

As the global drone market grows, Aiseed hopes to build on use cases for consumer markets, military and rescue operations, visual inspections, and logistics.

On the more technical side, the drone’s DVA-sensor fusion data platform along with its edge AI-automation system limits latency impact and prevents recorded images or videos from being leaked.

Reduced latency allows pilots greater concentration, which is especially important for life-or-death situations in rescue missions.

Aiseed has also been selected by Garage+ as one of the few start-ups to attend Japan’s Innovation Leaders’ Summit. The company will also represent Taiwan Tech Arena at CES 2022 in the US.

Monica Lee, co-founder of Aiseed, believes the US market holds major potential for drone development.

Although Amazon and Google have their own drone products, retailers such as Walmart are already exploring drone logistics to lower labour, creating an influx of competitive drone companies in the region.

Thanks to Taiwan’s world-class electronics and aerospace engineering supply chains, Lee is confident Aiseed has the resources and abilities to meet volume demands in both Japanese and US markets.

The company has also developed an edge AI-powered software as a service (SaaS) platform based on the technology used in the drones.

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