Verizon and Google Cloud partner on 5G mobile edge network for industry

5G Edge Robotics

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Verizon and Google Cloud have joined forces to bring cloud computing technology closer to mobile and connected devices at the edge of the service provider’s network.

By combining Verizon 5G Edge with Google Distributed Cloud Edge, Google’s compute and storage services will be brought to the edge of Verizon’s local network.

This will provide the necessary bandwidth and low latency for real-time enterprise applications such as autonomous mobile robots, intelligent logistics and factory automation.

For enterprise customers across industries like retail and manufacturing, Verizon and Google’s joint offering will improve operational efficiencies, security levels, and reliability.

Rima Qureshi, chief strategy officer at Verizon, said: “By working with Google Cloud, we’re building the 5G edge compute ecosystem that will enable enterprises in many industries to benefit from having a completely dedicated private network and edge compute infrastructure on premise.

“5G Edge with Google Distributed Cloud Edge will give our customers the ability to connect and manage a broad range of devices at scale and speed while also providing highly secure, near real-time connectivity. This will allow companies to unlock greater value from data and enable innovative applications involving computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, and machine learning.”

Swedish telecoms firm Ericsson is set to pilot the joint offering at its US 5G Smart Factory.

The first trial use case will involve Verizon’s Sensor Intelligence solution, which attaches a camera to an autonomous mobile robot that will scan packages to maintain inventory.

The robot can then communicate the bar code and shipping label data through 5G and mobile edge computing to the inventory management system, providing real-time analytics for logistics.

Niklas Heuveldop, president and head of Ericsson North America, said: “Ericsson’s Smart Factory is where we’re putting the principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution into action.

“Technologies like Verizon’s 5G Edge, which is built on Ericsson’s 5G Private Network technology, are critical for unlocking 5G’s true potential, and this pilot brings real-time data to make operations more efficient, secure, and cost-effective. Testing this technology with autonomous mobile robots in our Smart Factory is an important step on the journey to the factory of the future.”

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