One Stop Systems unveils AI transportable server for edge deployments

One Stop Systems Rigel Edge Supercomputer

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One Stop Systems, an AI solutions developer at the edge, has unveiled its new flagship AI transportable compute server, the Rigel Edge Supercomputer.

The Rigel is the first edge computer of its kind that utilises the highest-performance NVIDIA HGX A100 4-GPU platform with the latest NVIDIA NVLink GPU interconnect in place of traditional PCI Express GPUs.

Due to its dense form factor, the Rigel is suited for deployments in tight spaces available at the edge, such as an equipment bay of autonomous vehicles, within mobile command centres, or under seats of helicopters.

As an AI transportable, the Rigel differs from standard edge AI infrastructure in that it deploys the latest high-speed processing, networking, and storage technologies for operation in rugged environments.

AI transportables must meet stringent requirements for shock and vibration, operating temperature ranges, altitude ranges, and uninterrupted power.

The Rigel uses up to four NVIDIA ConnectX-6 200Gb/s InfiniBand adapters alongside 64 terabytes of NVMe flash storage to deliver up to 800 Gbps of networking.

It also includes a secure, unified management and control module supporting Redfish specifications with an interface to all the system resources.

David Raun, president and CEO of One Stop Systems, said: “Virtually all AI edge compute platforms on the market today do not integrate and optimise datacentre-class computing with compact, rugged form factors.

“As our most compact and powerful AI transportable compute server, we believe the Rigel Edge Supercomputer will transform the use of real-time AI for the most demanding vehicle, maritime and aerospace applications at the edge.”

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