SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.1 set to bolster edge compute capabilities


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SUSE, the developer behind the SUSE Linux operating system (OS), has released a new edge-focused lightweight and secure OS.

SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) Micro 5.1 is designed with containerised and virtualised workloads in mind, facilitating modernisation through IBM Z and LinuxONE support.

SLE Micro can be used as a single-node container host, a Kubernetes cluster node, or in the public cloud. Since it is built to scale it can also be deployed at the edge or support edge deployments, simplifying the process of digital transformation.

Users can start by virtualising legacy workloads and moving to containerised workloads when ready, or just skip straight to container workloads without changing the platform.

Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE chief technology and product officer, said: “SLE Micro is rapidly becoming a critical foundation of customers’ digital transformation, as evidenced by a large US-based systems integrator choosing SLE Micro to modernise their embedded systems with a seven-figure investment.

“They want to support container workloads on an immutable infrastructure that is easy to maintain and update, enabling them to reduce maintenance costs and modernise their systems infrastructure.”

SUSE summarised the key benefits of SLE Micro 5.1 as such:

  • Decreased deployment time and fewer manual processes with improved onboarding security through secure device onboarding of appliances and devices
  • Reduced costly downtime per device with live patching of the kernel, allowing security patches to be applied as soon as available without waiting for a maintenance window and without stopping the running kernel
  • Capability for the gradual modernisation of applications toward a microservice-based architecture

Through all these improvements, SLE Micro hopes to be the foundation of container workloads across all areas of production, be that edge environments, industrial IoT, or compute data centre environments.

Bhumik Patel, director of server ecosystem development at Arm, said: “It’s clear the industry is embracing cloud-native software principles today in order to stay ahead of the ever-changing power and performance requirements of edge and IoT devices. With the combination of SLE Micro and K3s, SUSE is providing an excellent platform for Arm-based embedded devices, edge use cases and industrial IoT applications.”

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