Schneider Electric globally releases edge data centre solution

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Schneider Electric, a multinational energy management company, has expanded its edge offering with the global release of data centres designed to support edge computing applications.

Its Easy Micro Data Centre Series is purpose-built to deliver all compute, storage, and necessary infrastructure to support edge applications at an affordable yet reliable speed.

The data centres are also network enabled for web-based remote monitoring and include add-on options for further Schneider Electric software.

Available immediately worldwide as part of the company’s Micro Data Centre portfolio, the data centres come pre-integrated at factory-level and are shipped directly to site.

According to a company white paper, usage of micro data centres led to cost savings of between 42% and 48% compared to a traditional centralised facility.

Rob McKernan, senior VP of Secure Power Europe at Schneider Electric, said: “Today resilience, efficiency and speed of deployment are fundamental considerations for deploying physical infrastructure at the edge.

With built-in management software allowing remote monitoring via the cloud, Easy Micro Data Centres offer increased intelligence for streamlined management across multiple edge sites.”

Built in contained enclosures, the data centres are designed for deployment in semi-controlled, commercial environments such as a standard office or business premises.

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