AAEON edge device can predict your Big Mac meal before you order it

AAEON edge device can predict your Big Mac meal before you order it
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Taiwan-based computing manufacturer AAEON is cooperating with a US manufacturer to deploy an AI edge computing device that speeds up drive-thru services.

Already deployed at hundreds of locations across the US, AAEON’s BOXER-8221AI is a compact edge system that is powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano and utilises a fan-less design.

The system leverages both AI technology and big data analysis to help with the allocation of drive-thru workers and tasks by predicting customer demand.

Based on the number and type of vehicles in line, the system can cross reference vehicle types with a database of past orders, allowing the menu to promote the kinds of purchases the driver is more likely to make.

This helps to reduce ordering time and thus the time spent in line. Businesses can set conditions based on vehicle type to also help create a preparation plan before the customer even places their order.

Already an inefficiency before the pandemic, Covid-19 has only exacerbated the issue of long waits at drive-thrus as many businesses have chosen to shut their main spaces and only operate directly to drivers.

Even as governments seek to re-open, businesses are maintaining these practices due to health concerns and labour shortages causes by the pandemic. As the BOXER-8221AI is deployed across more locations, AAEON hopes this inefficiency can begin to be alleviated.

In addition to being powered by NVDIA, the system uses a camera for AI analysis at the drive-thru kiosk. It is also dust-resistant with a flexible I/O loadout.

Jessy Chen, product sales manager at AAEON, said: “The BOXER-8221AI offers a compact rugged design capable of operating in wide temperatures, from -20°C to 50°C without reduction in performance, perfect for the varying conditions of surveillance applications.

“This drive-thru system has already been deployed in hundreds of installations this year, and is expected to reach mass deployment next year.”

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