National Science Foundation funds 11 AI-research institutes across US

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National Science Foundation funds 11 AI-research institutes across US
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The National Science Foundation (NSF), an independent government agency for the advancement of scientific research in the US, plans to fund eleven new AI-research institutes across the country.

Each institute will receive around $20 million (£14.4m) over five years from the NSF, with additional support coming from other government departments and partnered companies such as Amazon, Google, and Intel.

The expansion will mean National AI Research Institutes now spread across forty states in the US.

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National Science Foundation director, Sethuraman Panchanathan, said: “I am delighted to announce the establishment of new NSF National AI Research Institutes as we look to expand into all 50 states.

“These institutes are hubs for academia, industry and government to accelerate discovery and innovation in AI. Inspiring talent and ideas everywhere in this important area will lead to new capabilities that improve our lives from medicine to entertainment to transportation and cybersecurity and position us in the vanguard of competitiveness and prosperity.”

Of the eleven institutes, two will be largely focused on leveraging AI for edge-based networks and computing.

The two in question are the ‘NSF AI Institute for Future Edge Networks and Distributed Intelligence’ at Ohio State University and the ‘NSF AI Institute for Edge Computing Leveraging Next-generation Networks’ led by Duke University in North Carolina.

Both edge-focused institutes will also be partially funded by the Department of Homeland Security, although what use cases the department hope to research and develop through edge computing remains unknown.

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