IBM partners with Scale Computing to deliver edge solutions at scale

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IBM partners with Scale Computing to deliver edge solutions at scale Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Scale Computing, a specialist in edge computing, virtualisation and hyperconverged solutions, has begun collaborating with IBM to help organisations adopt an edge computing strategy.

Scale Computing is delivering on-premises edge computing solutions for applications that are designed to be flexible and intelligent to help address high-availability and resilience.

A recent IBM Institute for Business Value report, ‘Why organisations are betting on edge computing: Insights from the edge’, revealed that 91% of the 1,500 executives surveyed indicated that their organisations plan to implement edge computing strategies within five years. 

IBM Edge Application Manager, an autonomous management solution that runs on Red Hat OpenShift, enables the secured deployment, continuous operations and remote management of AI, analytics, and IoT enterprise workloads to deliver real-time analysis and insights at scale.


Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder of Scale Computing, said: “We see that the periphery of storage and compute has undergone transformational changes on so many fronts over the last 18 months – from employee and customer health and safety, supply chain challenges, to shifting product demands, to being an increasing target of cyber-attacks.

“We believe that Edge computing is critical for the future of many organisations, and organisations of all sizes across all industries can take steps now to help simplify the deployment and management of localised compute infrastructure in a secure and resilient manner. 

“We’re excited to team our HC3 Edge Computing solutions with IBM Edge Application Manager in an effort to help organisations optimise their operations across the globe with infrastructure designed to be self-healing and automated, as well as added containerised application management that can help them grow into the new reality of edge computing.”

Scale Computing HC3 Edge Computing solutions are designed to provide customers with an autonomous infrastructure that can run modern containerized applications alongside legacy applications as virtual machines. This can help users centrally monitor and manage their fleet of distributed infrastructure and applications through the entire lifecycle – from deployment and maintenance updates to service level monitoring and problem remediation.

Evarisitus Mainsah, GM, IBM Hybrid Cloud and Edge Ecosystem, said: “We look forward to collaborating with Scale Computing to help clients deploy, operate and manage thousands of endpoints throughout their operations with IBM Edge Application Manager.

“Together, we can help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation by acting on insights closer to where their data is being created, at the edge.”

Scale Computing is part of IBM’s partner ecosystem made up of more than 30 equipment manufacturers, networking, IT & software providers to implement open standards-based cloud-native solutions that can autonomously manage edge applications at scale.

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