LEOcloud and Ramon.Space work together on satellite-hosted edge computing

A viw of Earth and a satellite from Space.
LEOcloud and Ramon.Space work together on satellite-hosted edge computing
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Satellite comms startup LEOcloud and supercomputer firm Ramon.Space have entered into a partnership to develop satellite-hosted cloud edge computing capabilities for commercial, government and military customers. 

The capabilities are expected to provide dynamic, scalable virtual resources supporting a container operating environment.

LEOcloud’s Space Edge Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation will enable a global reach of cloud edge computing services for their customers. Edge computing brings the workload computing resources as close as possible to the sources and users of data with the competitive and mission-critical advantages of latency, security, availability and sovereignty. End users can operate their services or application workloads in a seamless satellite-hosted hybrid cloud environment.

Space edge computing

LEOcloud believe its point and click interface for the end user will enable the reservation of dynamic and scalable virtual Space edge computing resources as well as integrated resources such as ground station services, satellite data suppliers and other third party applications and services. 

Ramon.Space supercomputing solutions are billed as ‘data centres in space’, driving the expansion of cloud computing beyond Earth. The firm’s technology serves as the computing infrastructure for LEOcloud’s LEO constellation and includes supercomputing capabilities, machine learning DSP space processors and high density SSD based storage, enabling intelligent satellites to move, process and store data in orbit. Built from the ground up, the systems are said to be radiation tolerant, low powered, highly reliable and durable allowing for better service in orbit, reduce TCO and enable a disruptive new business model.

Dennis Gatens, CEO and president of LEOcloud, said: “LEOcloud and Ramon.Space have a shared vision for the global benefits of Edge Computing in LEO. “The combination of Ramon.Space’s tremendous space heritage and expertise will provide LEOcloud with the most innovative and resilient roadmap of solutions.”

“Our partnership with LEOcloud will unleash the expansion of data usage in space paving the way for new services and applications,” said Avi Shabtai, CEO of Ramon.Space. “We are excited to build together a revolutionary, next generation data satellite for LEOcloud.” 

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