CyberLink AI and ASUS edge computing unite for retail IoT solution

CyberLink FaceMe

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CyberLink Corp., an AI and facial recognition company, has integrated its FaceMe AI facial recognition engine with ASUS’s Tinker Board 2 computer to help improve security and contactless experiences in retail, public services, and hospitality.

CyberLink’s FaceMe developer kit is a cross-platform AI facial recognition engine ranked as one of the most accurate in the world. Optimised for IoT hardware, FaceMe seeks to bring highly accurate and flexible facial recognition capabilities to ASUS’ IoT hardware.

The ASUS Tinker Board 2 supports the Android 10 operating system, can connect to wired and wireless devices, supports dual 4K screen output, and is best suited to kiosks, point-of-sale, and access-control systems.

Dr Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink, said: “Facial recognition is one of the most popular technologies powering an exponentially growing set of IoT solutions in a booming market. We are honoured to partner with ASUS, a world leader in computer hardware for IoT, and provide solutions to developers with FaceMe, one of the most accurate and flexible facial recognition SDK in the world.”

The fruit of the two companies’ collaboration is the Face Recognition Edge AI Dev Kit. It includes both FaceMe and Tinker Board 2 and can perform real-time face detection as well as determine attributes such as age, gender, and even emotion.

One example of the dev kit’s utility could be in the hospitality industry, where it would enable hotel check-in kiosks to identify enrolled loyalty members and offer them fast, fully-personalized and contactless experiences.

Kuowei Chao, general manager of the ASUS IoT business unit, said: “Edge AI is now a key piece of future technology in AIoT applications in various markets.”

“ASUS IoT is thrilled to be collaborating with CyberLink, a world-leading AI facial-recognition technology company, to integrate solutions with Tinker Board 2,” he added.

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