Former Viptela execs launch Prosimo to crack app performance from cloud to edge

Meet Prosimo. The name might not be familiar, but its executive team may well be, as the company has come out of stealth with the goal of delivering an ‘exemplary’ application experience across a unified infrastructure stack.

The company’s co-founders, CEO Ramesh Prabagaran and CTO Nehal Bhau, were part of the founding team at Viptela, which was acquired by Cisco for $610 million in 2017.

Prosimo has arrived with $25 million in seed and series A funding. The round was co-led by General Catalyst and WRVI Capital, with participation from Nepenthe Capital. The company said it was leveraging its venture capital backing to ‘transform enterprise infrastructure’ – and in a blog post Prabagaran outlined the problem which needed solving.

“Companies are making ‘cloud first’ a top priority, and IT infrastructure is a serious weapon in the arsenal. However, with divergence in approaches – internal vs. external users, public vs. private apps, cloud networking objectives vs. cloud security objectives, cloud native vs. consumed as SaaS – we’re already seeing silos and early versions of what will become the proverbial duct tape and glue at a very high cost,” wrote Prabagaran.

How is Prosimo looking to solve this? The Prosimo AXI offering is claimed as the ‘first platform built to make infrastructure transparent and secure.’ The company’s self-styled service level agreement (SLA) looks to promise up to a 90% improvement in app experience, such as page load times and latency, a 99% reduction in app attack surface, and up to a 60% reduction in costs. “This encapsulates what enterprises care about when delivering apps,” added Prabagaran.

The introduction of Prosimo can be seen as another entrant in the edge cloud ecosystem. The clarion call from enterprises has focused around a more solid definition of ‘hybrid’ experiences as consistency across environments, be they public or private cloud, or on-premises. This is enabled by the lower latency and greater accessibility afforded by edge computing, as Bob Laliberte, practice director and senior analyst at ESG, noted.

“The marketplace is rapidly changing,” said Laliberte. “Organisations are accelerating public cloud adoption and ESG research reports that almost eight out of 10 applications or workloads are candidates to move to the public cloud. In addition to deploying modern apps in the public clouds, they are also moving to the edge.

“In this highly distributed application environment, it is imperative that organisations focus on application delivery, security, and performance,” Laliberte added.

Prabagaran noted that ‘dozens of enterprises’ have already ‘taken steps’ with Prosimo. No names, no pack drill at this stage, but the customer testimonial section features a ‘top US car manufacturer’ and a ‘Fortune 500 financial institution.’

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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