TIM announces edge and cloud-focused subsidiary Noovle SpA

TIM announces edge and cloud-focused subsidiary Noovle SpA
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TIM, Italy’s largest telco by revenue and subscribers, has announced the launch of its edge and cloud computing-focused subsidiary, Noovle SpA.

TIM acquired Noovle Srl last May. Noovle Srl was one of Google Cloud’s main partners in the Italian market.

Noovle SpA says it will strengthen the alliance between TIM Group and Google Cloud while tapping other strategic partnerships established with industry giants including Atos, Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, and VMware.

The company will harness the experience of its parent company and its assets such as data centres to help accelerate the digital transformation of the country and provide solutions using “the most advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.”

A proprietary network of 17 data centres have been established across Italy which Noovle claims are built to the latest environmental sustainability best practices. A further six data centres are set to be built which specialise in providing both public and hybrid cloud services.

Carlo d’Asaro Biondo, CEO of Noovle SpA, said:

“I am proud to announce the birth of Noovle SpA and to share this project with our Chairman, Mariarosaria Taddeo. This is a fundamental project for the digitalisation of the country, intended to create the appropriate infrastructure for our businesses to grow.

We are establishing a company with an extensive, healthy, and solid base, and thanks to the transfer of TIM’s Data Centres, and to the one thousand cloud professionals who have joined us, we can look to the future with ambition.

Our goal will be to focus right now on bringing value to citizens, businesses, and public administration.”

Chairman Mariarosaria Taddeo is an associate professor at the University of Oxford and a leading expert in digital technologies and AI. She is also a senior research fellow and deputy director of the Digital Ethics Lab at the Oxford Internet Institute.

Noovle SpA is launching with around 1,000 professionals and estimates an annual turnover of 1 billion euros in 2024. The company expects to achieve a growth rate of around 20 percent per year.

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