End-to-end network software provider Mavenir launches MEC solution

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Mavenir, an end-to-end network software and systems integration provider for 4G and 5G, has launched a MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) solution.

MEC enables carriers to securely open their Radio Access Network (RAN) edge to authorised third-parties while providing the flexibility required for application and service innovation.

Applications running at the edge can use MEC to access content and real-time information under local-access network conditions.

Ashok Khuntia, GM of Cloud Packet Computing at Mavenir, says:

“Delivering low latency and high bandwidth at the edge of the network promises many exciting applications in 5G.

Mavenir’s optimised low-footprint data processing 5G Core platform enables mission-critical MEC applications in the areas of industrial automation, augmented reality/virtual reality, gaming, video surveillance, autonomous driving, and others.

The additional focus on Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) will accelerate such applications for many different industries and sectors.”

Deploying applications and services at the edge of networks helps to reduce latency and congestion, improve reliability, and enhance customers’ experiences.

Mavenir has said that it’s also working with NVIDIA and Mellanox to enable packet core functionality at the edge of networks.

Furthermore, the company is integrating its SDK with vendors specialising in specific edge deployments like industrial automation and driverless cars.

Mavenir expects initial integrated edge deployments with some carriers to be deployed within the first half of the year.

You can find out more about Mavenir’s MEC solution here.

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