Lacuna Space successfully launches its fourth IoT gateway satellite

Lacuna Space successfully launches its fourth IoT gateway satellite
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The fourth IoT gateway satellite from Lacuna Space is now in orbit after hitching a ride onboard the PSLV-C49.

Lacuna Space’s gateway will provide edge connectivity just outside of Earth’s atmosphere in equatorial orbit.

Rob Spurrett, CEO of Lacuna Space, said:

“We are continuing to push the boundaries of what’s technically possible with extremely low power IoT technology with each generation of IoT gateways we are putting into space. 

This latest one offers higher sensitivity and capacity for message reception from LoRaWAN (long-range wide area network) devices. It also allows us to better cover regions around the equator offering more opportunities for our technology partners and IoT services providers across South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.”

An initial partner of Lacuna Space is Sustainability Tech, a startup operating out of Southeast Asia which focuses on tropical forest ecosystems.

Sustainability Tech and Lacuna Space are partnering on sensors which connect to satellites and monitor wetland hydrology. It’s hoped these sensors can provide information to reduce the risk of wildfires and monitor water levels.

Josh Van Vianen, Managing Director of Sustainability Tech, commented:

“The Lacuna satellite connection allows our clients to monitor their peatland restoration impact in harsh environments with more reliable uptime and lower costs compared with first-generation systems. This is exactly the type of technology needed to massively scale up the climate solutions necessary to protect our planet from further warming.

By partnering with Lacuna, Sustainability Tech is improving its sensor suite and enabling clients to effectively monitor and manage large areas with access to better data. Low orbit satellites improve coverage for these sensor networks and reduce costs for clients, which include conservation and climate mitigation projects, researchers and agribusiness that need real-time management tools.

The partnership with Lacuna will benefit all local actors, ensuring they can transparently measure their impacts and implement interventions at scale.”

Here’s an image of one of the sensors in one of Indonesia’s peatlands:

Lacuna Space is headquartered in the UK but also has an office in the Netherlands. The PSLV-C49, which carried the company’s latest IoT gateway, launched from India last Saturday.

The PSLV-C49 carried India’s latest earth observation satellite EOS-01 along with a total of nine customer satellites. The mission aims to cover a geographic band around the entire globe.

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